the preschool mentor

Bio: Veteran preschool teacher, advocate, wife and mother. I began teaching preschool as an assistant teacher in the most amazing private preschool. After learning all I could and going back to school, I became the lead teacher in the same classroom and have been doing it for the past 12 years. My philosophy is simple - work with children at their level of development but also try to squeeze just a bit more from them each day. I'm not a child development psychologist, pediatrician or claim to be a child "expert" but I wanted to have a forum to let parents and other educators know that it is not easy working with young children. You will make mistakes. No one is perfect and let's face it, sometimes a great idea in your head is a disaster in the classroom or at home. I began this blog because I tired of reading about picture perfect families, children and classrooms. For some, this may be their world but I can honest tell you this is so not my world. I look forward to providing relevant and interesting content to those who are interested in early childhood. Thank you for your support!

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